Vinyl Straps

What Are Vinyl Straps?

Vinyl strapping is a very popular method of building furniture. It has many reasons for its popularity, as it is easy to maintain, and strikingly beautiful.

Vinyl offers a wide variety of sharp, vibrant colors. Best of all, it is affordable, and attractive!

There are many ways you can apply the straps. Whether it be in the common horizontal straps, the beautiful cross-straps, or the elegant lace strap.

We here at A1 American Metal value our work, so we will do our best to help you understand a little bit more about your vinyl straps.


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Proper Maintenance

How To Properly Maintain Straps

Have your new straps withered and rotten at an alarming fast rate? It may be because lack of proper maintenance!

There are many “do’s” and “do nots” when it comes to the upkeep of your straps. Here, we will go over some.

What Not To Do

No Harmful Chemicals:  When cleaning your straps make sure to never use any harmful chemicals!

These chemicals can strip the UV protection that the straps have, leaving them exposed to the harsh rays of the sun!

This includes: Bleach, chlorine, ammonia and harsh abrasives!




No Throwing Furniture Into Pool: Please do not throw your pool furniture inside your pool!

There is a common misunderstanding that putting your furniture inside your pool will protect it when a hurricane or a storm comes.

Granted, we understand that your pool furniture may not be the first thing that comes to mind when a hurricane is nearing, but you may cause more damage putting them in the pool.

The furniture will be damaged, it may also damage the pool tiles.



No Power/Pressure Washing: Please refrain from pressure washing/power cleaning! Some may say that if you pressure wash with a low pressure that you can clean your straps this way.

This can still cause harm!

Unless you are a trained professional, you will most likely end up accidentally stripping the UV protection from your straps. This will lead to premature fading of color, cracking, or even cutting right through the strap!

Always consult with a professional first!





What To Do

Soap & Water: One of the simplest ways to clean your strap furniture is to simply use warm water and dish soap!

If you take a gallon of warm water, mix in 1/3 cups of dish soap, you have the perfect home-made cleaning solution.

  1. Simply hose the furniture down to get rid of any loose dirt.
  2. Apply the warm soapy water with a soft-bristled brush or cloth.
  3. Work your way down from the top strap to the bottom strap.
  4. Rinse off with a hose.
  5. Let air-dry!

There you have it! Clean straps, with little to no cost!


Casual Clean: If you are looking for an efficient, quick way of cleaning your straps, then look no further than Casual Clean!

This magic bottle can clear up most messes in seconds. simply spray, let is sit, wipe off, and rinse!